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Keeping old ways alive

Everything we make is a joint collaboartion between both of us, and we put out heart into every piece we sell. At every stage, from cutting, turning, hand burning, finishing and posting, we constantly ensure its to the highest standard we accept for ourselves. 

We use older methods, hand tools and natural stains and finishes, in the ways our ancestors knew.

All our work is hand made, and hand burnt- so please note there may be slight variations from the product photos, particularly as we make each order fresh as we receive it. 

We use whatever woods we have that are suitable but if a specific wood is required, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best. This is because we source all our wood ourselves, and the types we carry at any stage may vary. 

We use woods that have naturally fallen, and drying these out can take some time, we are happy to work with your own wood but please be aware of the constraints of drying times.


We are based in Northern Ireland, and use hand tools and older methods as often as we use modern! Our woods are all usually locally sourced, and we work in as eco friendly manner as possible. Everything, down to the sawdust, has a purpose! As a result, packaging from us will be recycled packaging as well.

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Viking design kept alive

Through our love of history, we create a range of traditionally made wooden products. These vary from the historically accurate to those with a modern twist decorated in traditional Viking and Celtic art.

Get in Touch


Wood work and wood turning-

Rich- 07970069970


Wood burning and design queries-

Nat- 07970793960

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