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We are a husband and wife team that have been working together for a few years. 

We started Viking re-enacting to see what it was about, and discovered a love for the style, history and community feel. And as any re-enactor knows, once you start, it snowballs into more and more! We had both woodworked at school and are no strangers to making things, so Hoddmimir's was born. In this, Richard spends a lot of time turning, shaping and working the designs, while Natalie is the pyrographer and artist.

Our children have grown up with a natural interest for Vikings, and often help us out, both at a display or making! They have picked up woodworking from us, and often talk to people about their interest. 

 We currently operate with a large tent as our store and living area. In addition to this, we have an active display, showcasing various woodworking techniques. 

As often as we can we demonstrate our craft in Historical settings and fairs and are available for bookings for schools and other events as well.

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