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Found in Näsby, Uppalands, Sweden, the Näsby Runestone is a memorial by a man in honour of his parents who drowned. The inscription translates as "Ingifastr had this stone raised in memory of Þorkell, his father, and in memory of Gunnhildr, his mother. They both drowned."

The art style is Pr4 (Urnes style), and attributed to the Runemaster Fot.

The stone itself is 3m in height, and the design inscribed on the front face.


The version here is hand painted, and a wrap-over pattern over the edges of the bowl. It's sealed with a food safe lacquer. Measures roughly 16cm in diameter.


The wood used is ash, from the Portadown Road, Armagh, near to the site of the Great Train Disaster. It was felled in 2021.

Näsby Runestone Bowl

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