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"..... It'll just be turned into wood chippings."

Years ago, starting off thinking about making woodturning our full time job, that's what we were told when trees fell in our nearby park in Antrim, the Castle Gardens. Chippings do serve a purpose, and it's a valid reuse of a fallen tree.... But it still hurts our hearts to see a little history reduced to that. Not every tree has that fate, and not every tree can be saved- but both of us love the pull of the history in wood- what that tree saw, what happened around it....

Made from yew that fell in Antrim Castle Grounds around 2018.

A little bit of that history, begun all those years ago by the Skeffingtons, with a new life.

Measures about 6 in in height, capacity around 150ml.

Clean with a slightly damp cloth.

Antrim Castle Gardens Yew Goblet

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