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Yew from the historic Antrim Castle Gardens. The Gardens are what remains of a fine 17th Century estate, the Castle itself lost to a fire in 1922 and demolished in the 70's. Only a tower remains from the main building, and a gatehouse. The gardens were a wonder of their time, featuring many exotic wood species and plants bought back from the Clotworthy family trips.


Yew is a prized wood that is highly toxic- leading to it being planted in close proximity to graveyards, churches and grand buildings- to deter the ground from being disturbed, as wildlife learnt to avoid the area.It is also associated as symbol of longevity, due to its long life span, and of rebirth and regeneration, as drooping branches can root and form new trees when they touch the ground.


Finished in a beeswax/ linseed mix. Measures 6in x 2in deep.

Antrim Castle Bowl

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